Monthly Archive: March 2020

MP3 Playback in Spotify unter (K)Ubuntu 14.04 0

MP3 Playback in Spotify unter (K)Ubuntu 14.04

Unter (K)Ubuntu 14.04 funktioniert das MP3 playback von lokalen Dateien in Spotify nicht mehr out of the box. Um das Playback wieder zu aktivieren muss man folgendes installieren: 1. Herunterladen der libx264 von Saucy

gcloud billing 0

gcloud billing

10156 gcloud services enable –project odania-hosting-shared 10157 gcloud services list –project odania-hosting-shared gcloud config list gcloud config set project odania-hosting-shared gcloud auth configure-docker

Nginx – Load Balancing 0

Nginx – Load Balancing

I used pound as a load balancer and currently stumbled upon this article about load balancing with pound. The writer used pound for the site Pound used about 20% cpu and in spikes up to...

Network Connection Debugging 0

Network Connection Debugging

Currently i setup a new Kubernetes cluster with Rancher2. On one node i got connection problems from time to time. I could simple test it with: curl -v This always shows the ip...

Juju – Services in the cloud 0

Juju – Services in the cloud

What is Juju? “With over 100 services ready to deploy, Juju enables you to build entire environments in the cloud with only a few commands on public clouds like Amazon Web Services and HP...

Server Security – Disable root login 0

Server Security – Disable root login

I would recommened that you do not use the root user to access any server. It is better to disable the root login, cause many automated scripts are trying to access the root user...