Author: Mike

Vagrant startup problem 0

Vagrant startup problem

Vagrant sometimes fails to start the vm with a message like this: “SSH connection was refused! This usually happens if the VM failed to boot properly. Some steps to try to fix this: First,...

Vagrant KVM 0

Vagrant KVM

Vagrant packages for your system (Linux, Mac, Windows) can be found under: First install some dependencies: sudo apt-get install qemu-kvm libvirt-bin libvirt-dev qemu-system virt-manager Install the vagrant kvm plugin: vagrant plugin install vagrant-kvm You can start it with vagrant...

Vagrant errors in provisioning 0

Vagrant errors in provisioning

If you are using the latest vagrant version from you do not need virtualbox additionally. If you install it besides the vagrant one it can interfer with vagrant. I needed to uninstall my local vagrant...

Upgrade to Rails 4 0

Upgrade to Rails 4

I have tried to convert my first Rails 3 app to Rails 4. I followed roughly the instructions on edge guides. The most work i had on reworking the attraccessible that are now removed in rails...

Steam Sound stutter in Pulseaudio 0

Steam Sound stutter in Pulseaudio

I had audio stutter in all games i started from steam. Running them without steam works without any problems also playing music, watching videos wasnot a problem. After some testing i found out that...

Rails 4 RC 0

Rails 4 RC

The first release candidate of rails 4 is out! Rails 4 prefers ruby 2 and ruby 1.9.3 is the minimal requirement. The focus for this release was making it faster. So that you do...

Installing Torquebox 2.3.1 0

Installing Torquebox 2.3.1

In order to get the torquebox-server gem installed i needed to increase the memory in order to avoid the ‘Java::JavaLang::OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space’ error. jruby -J-Xmx1024m -S gem install torquebox-server -v ‘2.3.1’ –source ‘‘...

Create a Vagrant KVM image 0

Create a Vagrant KVM image

In order to create a KVM vagrant image i used to virt-manager to help me set it up.

Chrome is getting to be the most used browser 0

Chrome is getting to be the most used browser

I just read on that the Google Chrome Web-Browser is used by more than 43 percent of the requests. This is a plus of six percent in relation to the beginning of 2013....

bashrc in Ubuntu 13.04 0

bashrc in Ubuntu 13.04

I was wondering why my bashrc was not executed anymore after the upgrade to Kubuntu 13.04. After some search i found out that the previously needed “–login” param for the bash now seems to...