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Serenity – No BaseStepListener has been registered 0

Serenity – No BaseStepListener has been registered

If you run your features directly in IntelliJ, you need to make sure the main class is set to net.serenitybdd.cucumber.cli.Main Otherwise you might get the an error about a missing BaseStepListener in newer serenity...

Sun/Oracle Java under Ubuntu 0

Sun/Oracle Java under Ubuntu

If you want to use the official Oracle Java Version you need to either install it manually or use an unofficial ppa. This is because Ubuntu removed the Oracle/Sun Java from the official repositories....

Installing Torquebox 2.3.1 0

Installing Torquebox 2.3.1

In order to get the torquebox-server gem installed i needed to increase the memory in order to avoid the ‘Java::JavaLang::OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space’ error. jruby -J-Xmx1024m -S gem install torquebox-server -v ‘2.3.1’ –source ‘‘...

Rails 4 RC 0

Rails 4 RC

The first release candidate of rails 4 is out! Rails 4 prefers ruby 2 and ruby 1.9.3 is the minimal requirement. The focus for this release was making it faster. So that you do...

Upgrade to Rails 4 0

Upgrade to Rails 4

I have tried to convert my first Rails 3 app to Rails 4. I followed roughly the instructions on edge guides. The most work i had on reworking the attraccessible that are now removed in rails...

Capistrano deployment runs test-unit 0

Capistrano deployment runs test-unit

I had a problem during a capistrano deployment. It executed the unit tests that is should not do and tried to require “RAILSENV=test” as file: file not found: RAILSENV=test The solution was quite simple...

Upgrading to Rails 4 0

Upgrading to Rails 4

An interesting article about the new security features in Rails 4 and how to get your Rails 3 App ready for it can be found iconclastlabs.

Refactoring from good to great 0

Refactoring from good to great

There is a pretty nice talk about refactoring found here. In the talk he is optimizing the code live. The Topics covered are: The Open-Closed Principle The types of coupling, and their dangers Why composition...

Jruby 1.7 0

Jruby 1.7

A new Jruby Version 1.7 is released. And now finally the default mode is Ruby 1.9 compatibility. You can read more on the Jruby Site