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Installing Torquebox 2.3.1 0

Installing Torquebox 2.3.1

In order to get the torquebox-server gem installed i needed to increase the memory in order to avoid the ‘Java::JavaLang::OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space’ error. jruby -J-Xmx1024m -S gem install torquebox-server -v ‘2.3.1’ –source ‘‘...

Rails 4 RC 0

Rails 4 RC

The first release candidate of rails 4 is out! Rails 4 prefers ruby 2 and ruby 1.9.3 is the minimal requirement. The focus for this release was making it faster. So that you do...

Upgrade to Rails 4 0

Upgrade to Rails 4

I have tried to convert my first Rails 3 app to Rails 4. I followed roughly the instructions on edge guides. The most work i had on reworking the attraccessible that are now removed in rails...

Capistrano deployment runs test-unit 0

Capistrano deployment runs test-unit

I had a problem during a capistrano deployment. It executed the unit tests that is should not do and tried to require “RAILSENV=test” as file: file not found: RAILSENV=test The solution was quite simple...

Jruby 1.7 0

Jruby 1.7

A new Jruby Version 1.7 is released. And now finally the default mode is Ruby 1.9 compatibility. You can read more on the Jruby Site

Torquebox upstart script under ubuntu 0

Torquebox upstart script under ubuntu

In order to let the upstart script for torquebox work on ubuntu you need to change these lines start on starting network-services stop on stopping network-services into these start on (started network-interface    ...

Upgrading to Rails 4 0

Upgrading to Rails 4

An interesting article about the new security features in Rails 4 and how to get your Rails 3 App ready for it can be found iconclastlabs.

Capistrano ssh key forwarding 0

Capistrano ssh key forwarding

I had quite some problems getting capistrano to check out the repository. After some hours i found this bug  report: So there is an error with ssh key forwarding in jruby. This is...