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GIT Branching Online Training 0

GIT Branching Online Training

There is a nice little Online Training for Git branching available. You can interactively learn all the basics and some more advanced features.

Guard is Your Best Friend 0

Guard is Your Best Friend

There is a nice guard introduction on tutsplus that shows how to use guard with SASS and coffeescript.

Capistrano ssh key forwarding 0

Capistrano ssh key forwarding

I had quite some problems getting capistrano to check out the repository. After some hours i found this bug  report: So there is an error with ssh key forwarding in jruby. This is...

Capistrano Torquebox 0

Capistrano Torquebox

Install Capistrano: jruby -S gem install jruby-openssl ffi-ncurses capistrano Capify project: jruby -S capify . Add this to the Capfile: require ‘org.torquebox.capistrano-support’ require ‘bundler/capistrano’ Important is that the servers are in the ssh allowed...

Torquebox Capistrano Support 0

Torquebox Capistrano Support

I got the error rake aborted! no such file to load — torquebox/capistrano/support while trying to deploy my torquebox app with capistrano. I looked quite some time without finding a solution, but in the...