12.03.2015 Authorship by Mike 388 197

Rails 4 is released! A major feature was to make it really easy to develop modern Webapplications. And this without the use of client side javascript in combination with JSON.

For this the template caching was improved. Turbolinks was added that improves the load time of pages. If available it makes a request via Javascript and replaces the content of the page afterwords. Cause of this the scripts do not have to be reloaded. Declarative etags there also added to avoid the reload of some resources.

Of cause you can still develop like before with your favourite Javsacript engine and JSON. But the developers claim that we application will have the same speed with the new technology.

Rails 4 is automatically threadsafe without the config variable "config.threadsafe". It also includes Live-Streaming for persistent connections.

Some features of the earlier rails version are now available as modules. And can be added as needed.

We already have a migration entry to the Rails 4 RC to migrate your Rails 3 app to Rails 4.