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Do you want to learn Ruby basics or advanced technics? Then Ruby - Code School might be interesting for you. In these training courses you can learn Ruby Basics, testing, Rspec, patterns and best practices. Currently there are these available courses:

- Learn the basic building blocks of Ruby, all in the browser. Enjoy learning Ruby with video tutorials and programming challenges.

- Learn to build faster and more secure web apps with Rails 4. Review the Rails updates that will help get your apps up to speed on Rails 4 best practices.

- Learn Ruby on Rails, an open-source framework for the Ruby programming language. Rails for Zombies will teach you all the Rails basics with a zombie flair.

- Learn the core bits every Ruby programmer should know. This Ruby tutorial builds upon the basics to keep enhancing your Ruby knowledge.

- Learn more Rails with this sequel to the infamous Rails for Zombies course. Increase your Ruby on Rails knowledge with even more zombie learning.

- Learn the more advanced bits every Ruby programmer should know. This advanced Ruby tutorial will help you take your Ruby knowledge to the next level.

- Learn Rails testing for your applications with these testing fundamentals. Brush up on testing best practices with Rails Testing for Zombies.

- Many Rails applications start simple, but the codebase can become difficult to manage if the app grows in size and complexity. In this course, you will learn common patterns and techniques that can help your Rails applications stand the test of time. Learn useful tips like using models to encapsulate business logic, avoiding ActiveRecord pitfalls, using class methods vs. scopes, building a JSON API, extracting reusable components via concerns, and more.

- Learn to use this trusted testing framework for Ruby applications. Brush up on testing best practices with our Testing with RSpec course.

- Learn Rails best practices with the most useful Rails patterns and techniques. If you're a Rails developer, consider this your new Rails programming playbook.