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I am interested in computers since my 12th birthday or so. I became a C64 on which i played a lot. But i also started programing in Basic and Assembler. It was really facinating so i used quite a lot of my time on it.

A few years later i bought my first PC. It was 486SX with 25Mhz and cost about 3.500 DM in that time. On this new machine i continued writing in QBasic and later on switched to Turbo Pascal.

The computer did not have an integrated sound card during that time so you only had the internal speaker. After a year or so i bough my first sound card and let it install by a “computer expert”. He needed quite a long time to install it, so i did not have my pc for a bit more than a week. Cause it took me too long i tried to find out how  to do it on my own next time. And i was suprised how easy it was. I do not know why he needed a week. Maybe he had no time? Or he wanted to test it?

So the next pc i bought i built on my own. Cause of this most of my collegues also asked to built there pc’s or install a new card. Nearly the same happened with the computer setup. I liked to try new things and so i had some knowledge in setting up DOS and later Windows. I also helped quite a lot of my friends there.

Cause i liked programing more than building pc’s i decided to become a programer. Cause of that i went to the university to study computer science. During that time the internet became more popular and i started to create my first webpages. From university i learned Java, but during that time it was not so fast, luckily this has changed now. Because of that i used PHP for the webpages.

My largest project during that time is my still running browser game Planetech. For this i also needed to setup a own server later on. That is there i came into contact with Linux. Some time later i also switched my desktop from Windows to Linux (Gentoo), cause Windows crashed too often. I still find it much more comfortable to work under Linux, currently i am using
Kubuntu. Windows for me is now only a game platform and i hope that this is not needed anymore in future with Steam for Linux.

For my game i later created a gaming community and portalOnlinegames-Info.com which uses
Ruby on
. I really like Ruby cause it is a very elegant language. For this i started to add virtualization to the server to separate it a bit, e.g. Mail, DB, Webserver.

For my professional life i started working as a software developer in Flensburg at Beate Uhse. My work there included a rebuild of the whole shop system, work on the Movie Database and Rendering Farm and the Entertainment System. Afterwords i moved to Hamburg there i am now working for Innogames as a Lead Developer on the game Lagoonia.

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