Vagrant startup problem

Vagrant sometimes fails to start the vm with a message like this:
“SSH connection was refused! This usually happens if the VM failed to

boot properly. Some steps to try to fix this: First, try reloading your
VM with vagrant reload, since a simple restart sometimes fixes things.

If that doesn’t work, destroy your VM and recreate it with a vagrant destroy
followed by a vagrant up. If that doesn’t work, contact a Vagrant

maintainer (support channels listed on the website) for more assistance.”

This happened in my case only sometimes and mostly it started. After some debugging i found out that this is due to a short time there the box is up but ssh is not started. In that case vagrant tries to reconnect again in miliseconds. For my case the retry count was too low in order to get the vm up, so by changing these values in your Vagrantfile you can increase these numbers:

# Give the box some time to startup before the abort config.ssh.timeout = 300 config.ssh.max_tries = 500

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